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Ms. O'Hagan (bohagan@gscregional.org)

      Students will need the following supplies for Art Class

         in September:


                                                                          . crayons

                                                                          . markers

                                                                          . scissors

                                                                          . glue

                                                                          . watercolors

                                                                          . pencils

                                                                          . eraser

                                                                          . art box to hold these supplies


A word for Grades 1-8 about your Art Portfolio:


-While there is no need to save every drawing your child has ever done,

      the portfolio is a safe place to store the ones you do wish to keep.

- When you put it away, be sure to remind everyone where it is.

      Students will be asked to bring it back next year :

      after Christmas and again at the end of the year.

- If this presents a problem for any family, you are certainly free

       to make a new portfolio each time.









                                             . . . . . . . .











Art Shows from 2011-2012

   Our 2nd Graders had their

      very own Art Show  at

   Genuardi’s. Parents and artists

  enjoyed seeing our salad collages

  …and eating the cookies !

                                                                                     Thanks,  Genuardi’s !





The 4th Graders enjoyed

                                                 their Art Show at

                                                      Penny’s Flowers









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