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Please review the AUP for technology with your child/ren.

Here are the AUP forms:  Final-Responsible-Use-Policy-for-Technology-Electronic-Version-17-18-

Sign off Sheet for AUP 2017

Lego WeDo 2.0

Grade 6 students are working with Lego pieces and Chrome Books to make different kinds of robots. Each robot is programmed via the Chrome Book.

Roboterra and CastleRock Software

Our 8th  graders are continuing to work with our ROBOTERRA Robotics kits.
Currently we are working on a lighthouse that students will need to program in C++ to actually
light up! Come visit on Feb. 1 to see what the grade 8 students have completed.


Just in from KHAN ACADEMY – How digital cameras work

 Directions on how to set up an Apple ID / iTunes account without a credit card.


GSC uses for Internet safety.

Parents/guardains take a look at this video, on Internet safety, from

For more Internet Safety tips ~

 State & Regional Education Resources

The National Archives is more than just the National Archives Building in Washington, DC. Our holdings are located in a nationwide network across the United States. Our Regional Archives and the Presidential Libraries provide a  glimpse into the history of our country through documents, photographs and artifacts found only in their unique holdings.

        Great all around educational web site ~ Mr. Nussbaum        

Links to websites:


Khan Academy



Making Change


Voyages in English   – games, activities and resources for Voyages in English

Spelling Connections (ZB)

Spelling City




Sesame Street


Garden of Praise

Daughters of St. Paul


Archdiocese Of Philadelphia


Kid Blog Log in for Grade 7 Colonial America

Grade 7 go to:


Kid Blog for grade 8 Civil War