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Grade 1

Mrs. Balzano (mbalzano@gscregional.org)
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Dear Parents,

     This week we are reading the story “Jan’s New Home”. Please practice our word wall words  and spelling words at home with your child this week.

Word Wall Words: away, friends, car, our, house, school, very

Spelling Words: grin, spin, skip, frog, plum, slam, snap, grab, plug, slip

Spelling Test on Feb 3rd

Religion: Chapter 15- Jesus Teaches us to Love God ( test on ch. 14 on Wed.)

Phonics Skills: Ending – es

 Genre – Realistic Fiction

 Math – To compare 2-digit numbers using symbols

Dates to Remember

  • Jan. 31st- Trivia Night

  • Feb. 2nd – No School

  • Feb. 3rd – Pizza money is due. Spelling test

  • Feb. 4th – Religion test on Chapter 14

  • Feb. 9th – Progress Reports

  • Feb. 11th – Grade 8 Bake Sale

  • Feb. 13th- Father/Daughter Dance

  • Feb. 16th – No School

  • Feb. 18th – Ash Wednesday

Please be sure you are reading with your child every night for at least 10 minutes. Don’t forget to sign the reading log.


Please check the monthly calendar for important dates.


It is my intent to have the children outside for morning and lunch recess everyday possible. Free play and exercise are important components of a healthy lifestyle and a favorite part of every child’s day. So, let’s bundle up with coats, gloves, mittens, scarves, and other appropriate outerwear and get out there and have fun! Thanks for your assistance and support!


Have a great week!

Mrs. Balzano


Monday- Study poem and go on First in Math


Tuesday – 1st Grade can purchase books at the Book Fair tomorrow.

            Study poem and Spelling Words


 Please remember that Friday is our closing liturgy and the children are to wear their winter uniform. Boys white shirt, tie, and sweater vest. Friday is also crazy hat day and hot dog lunch. If your child does not want a hot dog, you must pack them a lunch.


Wednesday, Jan. 28th- Spelling do pages 104 and 105.


Friday, Jan. 30th – Study spelling for test on Tuesday. No school on Monday.






Player of the Day


Monday: No Player

                                                                        Tuesday: Jayden

Wednesday: Lily

Thursday: Angel

Friday: Alex



Learning is Fun!

Science Experiment with Rocks!

DSC_0160   DSC_0168   DSC_0163

DSC_0158   DSC_0172   DSC_0171

DSC_0169  DSC_0157   DSC_0165

The First Grade Saints!


DSC_0001  DSC_0002  DSC_0003

DSC_0004  DSC_0005  DSC_0006

DSC_0008  DSC_0009  DSC_0010

DSC_0012  DSC_0013  DSC_0014

Making a Puppet Show with 8th grade Buddies on the iPads

DSCN2024  DSCN2025  DSCN2026

DSCN2027  DSCN2028  DSCN2029

DSCN2030  DSCN2031  DSCN2032

DSCN2034  DSCN2035  DSCN2036

DSCN2037  DSCN2038  DSCN2039

DSCN2040  DSCN2041

1st Grade with 8th Grade Buddies

DSCN2064   DSCN2065   DSCN2066

DSCN2067   DSCN2069   DSCN2071

DSCN2072      DSCN2073   DSCN2074

DSCN2075   DSCN2076   DSCN2077

DSCN2078   DSCN2079



to Mass with their eighth grade buddies. DSC_0519   DSC_0517   DSC_0515 DSC_0513   DSC_0512   DSC_0508 First Day of School DSC_0366   DSC_0368 Library Time DSC_0503   DSC_0505