Grade 3

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                               Practice multiplication tables and word problems.

For our Math series this year, we are using Go Math.  The following website has many appropriate learning activities for your child:

                            Directions to use Go Math web page:
1. Select country
2. Select state
3. Select district – Archdiocese of Philadelphia
4. Select school – there are two Good Shepherd Schools make sure to select Ardsley, PA
5.  User name: your child has the username and password in his/her home work book.


                             Students should know nouns, pronouns,
adjectives and verbs.

                            They should be able to easily identify the subject and predicate in a simple sentence.

                           Encourage your child to read each day – all different types of reading:  simple directions, fiction books, non-fiction, reading for information.  Read orally, read silently.  Ask your                         child questions about what she/he read to see if they are comprehending what they read.



Helpful Third Grade Websites:    – to stay informed of the happenings of our local diocese

New! (goes with Reading series) (Religion Unit Reviews) (Religion Chapter reviews) (English review games)  (many games to sharpen multiplication skills)  (a way to sharpen vocabulary skills and help third world countries)