Grade 3

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Grade 3

 First in Math

Third grade are proudly displaying the First in Math trophy this week!  Third grade

students worked very hard last week to achieve this!  We are very proud of this

accomplishment!  Please remind your child to work for a little while on First in Math

each day.  We want that trophy to display in our classroom again!


Check this webpage regularly as I will be posting items on a regular basis.   Please

make certain that you check My Student Progress on a regular basis, as marks will be

posted as soon as possible after testing and sometimes for class work and participation.




                               Practice multiplication tables, simple multiplication and division problems

                                regularly.  Continue to review addition and subtraction occasionally.

                                Students should  be able to interpret bar graphs, measure using inches, feet and

                               millimeters, identify geometric shapes and read simple fractions, understand a

                               picture of an object and discern how many equal parts it is divided into, and write

                               the fraction to represent it.   Word problems are important for students to know

                               which operation (or operations) need/s to be utilized.  Multistep problems are also

                               good practice, for example:  5+3 x 5 -2 divided by 4 = ___.


                             Students should know nouns, pronouns, adjectives and verbs.  They should be skilled at

                             writing sentences that begin with capital letters and end with correct marks of punctuation.

                            They should be able to easily identify the subject and predicate in a simple sentence.  They

                            should know the tense of verbs.  We have been working on all of these skills for many months.

                           Encourage your child to read each day – all different types of reading:  simple directions,

                           fiction books, non-fiction, reading for information.  Read orally, read silently.  Ask your

                          child questions about what she/he read to see if they are comprehending what they read.

                          A nice reward for a good report card or a surprise is a new book.  Expose your child to

                          different types of literature.




Helpful Third Grade Websites:    – to stay informed of the happenings of our local diocese

New! (goes with Reading series) (Religion Unit Reviews) (Religion Chapter reviews) (English review games)  (many games to sharpen multiplication skills)  (a way to sharpen vocabulary skills and help third world countries)