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Dear Parents,

Welcome to Good Shepherd!  I hope that you and your family had an enjoyable summer.  Below you will find some helpful information.

Religion: In addition to the regular 4th grade curriculum, the class will be responsible for learning the Holy Days of Obligation and special saints and feast days.  Graded projects include a Commandments and a prayer booklet.  Students will need to work on projects both in school and out of school.


Specials Schedule: Monday = Art   Tuesday = Computer and Library

Thursday = Music  Friday = Gym


Homework Policies: Homework is given every night and should be signed where it is copied in the Homework copybook.  Homework is either a review of that day’s work or it is preparation for the next day’s work.  At time students will be asked to study as part of their homework.  On Fridays students will write down what tests are going to be taken the next week.  Weekends may require that some time be spent on long-term assignments.  Homework is checked for completion each morning.  Students receive a sticker on their HW chart if all assignments are complete.  Getting tests and homework signed is considered part of the HW assignments.  Five points will be deducted from homework grades for any missing assignment.  If a student makes up the work, the next night, two points will be deducted.  During HW check time I will record the subject area of any missing assignment on the communication calendar.  


Test Policies: Students will be tested at the conclusion of units of study in all subject areas.  Occasionally students will be given time to study in school, however they will still need to study at home.  Graded tests, quizzes and assignments will be sent home in the test folder periodically.  The folder is usually sent home on Thursdays.  It is expected that all test and quizzes are signed and promptly returned back to school. Grades can also be viewed at any time at


Quality of Student Work: All assignments are to reflect effort.  They should be done neatly and in pencil.  Students will receive pen privileges at a later date.


Grading: Subject grades are based on averages and students receive number grades.  Other subject areas such as Music and Computer follow a number system listed on the report card.  Students will receive HW grades in the following subjects: Math, Spelling, and Writing.


Conduct and Discipline: Classroom expectations, consequences, and rewards are posted in the classroom.  The consequences of misconduct are as follows:

1st verbal warning

2nd verbal warning and notation on communication calendar

3rd phone call or letter home

4th conference

5th discipline referral

If a student fails to get tests signed they will not be allowed the opportunity to have A.M. recess until the tests are signed and returned

*Please refer to the handbook for more information


Projects/Field Trips: Any project assigned will have specific guidelines that you will be made aware of.  We will be taking at least one education field trip.  At this time none has been planned.


Communication with Parents: I communicate with you through the homework copybook and communication calendar, and I hope you will do the same.  I may also ask for your help or input through the copybook in the form of notes- either written in or stapled on.  I will make every effort to promptly respond to you and I ask that you please do the same for me.  If you see marks on your child’s conduct calendar please know that at least one warning was issued prior to me marking it.  Please sign the calendar in the space provided at the end of each week.  I will check for signatures every Monday morning.   I sometimes send letters home in either the test folder or take home folder.  Please be sure to read all hand outs sent home via the communication envelope.  The envelope is to be signed and returned as part of Tuesday night’s homework.


Other: Please send in _____ for Weekly Reader by _____ (not sure yet)

    • Early Pickups- students must be picked up and singed out at the office please do not come to the classroom as this is disruptive.  Please send in a note to let me know of any early pick ups or planned absences
    • It would be helpful if each student could donate a box of tissues and or one roll of paper towels.  We will also need a few bottles of cleaning spray and hand sanitizer.
    • Birthdays- if you would like to send in a treat please make it small and no drinks, there are 29 students in the class.
    • Absences- A note is required when your child returns to school and a list of make up work will be given to them