Grade 6

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Enjoy your summer! See you in September!

Confirmation took place on December 10, 2016. 



First Day of School

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Anyone who would like to see what we are all about at GSC is welcome!  Schedule a tour with Mrs. Amanda Wilkes.

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Summer Assigment

Choose two books from the Summer Reading List. Then use the Summer Reading Assignment to complete a book report on one of those books. You will then use the other book to complete an oral summary when you return to school in September. Your summary can be written on an index card or you can memorize it for your presentation.

Summer Reading List

Summer Reading Assignment



Stationery List


Helpful Websites

Religion:Christ Our Life

ELA: Vocabulary Workshop, Vocab Practice,  VoyagesixlELA Activitites

Math: Go Mathixl,Math Games



 Reading Olympics Website




Music & Arts Night




Student Council sold Dirt Pudding to raise money to plant flowers in the garden for Earth Day!

Congratulations to our Rambunctious Reading Rams for getting 26 points to earn a yellow ribbon!
Congratulations to our Rad Reading Rams for getting 50 points to earn a blue Ribbon!

Ancient Egypt Research Project

Ancient Egypt for Kids This helpful website provides numerous links that are about Ancient Egypt’s geography, schools, games, and many more with a click away.

Ancient Egypt Online Learn about the important aspects of Ancient Egyptian history and culture by exploring this website.

The Ancient Egypt Site Explore the history, language and culture of Ancient Egypt in this website created by Egyptologist Jacques Kinnaer.

BBC: Ancient Egypt Explore the wonders of Ancient Egypt by looking at this helpful website provided by the BBC.

The British Museum Meet the gods and goddesses! Explore daily life! See real mummies and more with just a click away!

Discovering Ancient Egypt Explore all about ancient Egypt, pyramids, temple reconstructions 
and the pharaohs. There is a hieroglyphics section where you can write your name in the ancient script.

PBS: Ancient Egypt Discover all aspects of Ancient Egypt by exploring this website provided by PBS.

The Pyramids Learn all about the Pyramids by exploring this helpful website.


How To Presentations

Sienna taught the class how to use the App.

Amenta taught the class how to draw a wolf eye.


Dylan taught the class how to juggle.

Bria taught the class how to make M&M cookie bars.

Christine taught the class how to make Rice Krispie treats.

Johnny taught the class how to stick handle in hockey.

Ava taught the class a few nail designs.

Rori taught the class how to take care of a bearded dragon.

Brendan taught the class how to train a dog.

Bryce taught the class how to play rugby.

Maddie taught the class how to make fluffy slime.

Victor taught the class how to make breakfast.

Robbie taught the class how to make baloon dogs and swords.

Zaeden taught the class how to make jerk chicken and baked mac n’ cheese

Cynthia taught the class how to make stress balls.

Olivia taught the class how to Irish Dance.

Meghan taught the class how to make slime.

Alexis taught the class how to make a fish tail braid.

Shannon taught the class how to make a lantern.

Nick taught the class how to make slime.

Jacob taught the class how to make chocolate chip cookies.

Nicholas taught the class how to play drums.


Father/ Daughter Dance

Craft Day


In Math, the sixth graders reviewed Multiplying and Dividing Integers with a game of Connect Four.

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All of the classes love to review for tests and quizzes with Kahoot. They compete against their classmates with their iPads or Chromebooks to answer the questions.

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In the first Math class, the students worked in groups to find the numbers 1-100 on a sheet of paper. They saw that they worked best in groups when they came up with a plan and helped each other.

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