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Grade 6

Ms. Sweeney (csweeney@gscregional.org)

Week of 10/20/2014

Announcements: Pink dress down day on Thursday (please bring $1 to donate); Last call for PB&J; Pretzel Money due Friday

Religion – quiz on Thursday

Spelling – write words 3x each; pgs. 39, 40

Reading – pgs. 23, 25

7th Math – math maintenance; budget summary due Wednesday

6th Math – Unit 1 test on Thursday


Week of 10/14/14 – Golf outing today! 

8th math – Unit 1 test on 10/21; pg. 61

6th Reading – selection test on Friday

Religion – please bring in marble copybook for confirmation journal.

7th math –

Week of 10/6/14  — It’s good to be back! :)

Announcements for the week:

10/6: Fire Prevention, 10/8: Fall Picture Day – School Uniform, Summer Theater this weekend!

Thursday 10/9:

Spelling – quiz tomorrow

Religion – Chapter 3 quiz

8th Math - worksheet; study; math maintenance signed.

6th Math – pg. 62 #1-9; math maintenance signed.


Wednesday 10/8: 

Religion - study for quiz on Friday; please bring in a marble copybook for Confirmation Journal by next Wednesday

Spelling – pgs. 36-37

6th Math - pg. 57-58 #20-22

7th Math - pg. 80

Monday – 10/6:  **6th Grade: tests/quizzes signed**

6th Spelling: write words 3x each; pgs. 33&34; vocab flashcards on iPad

6th Reading: practice pg. 14

6th Math: finish projects from class


Week of 9/22

Announcements: On Wednesday, we will choose classroom representatives.  Confessions on Friday 9/26.

Monday – 9/22

6th Spelling: write words 3x each; pgs. 21-22; sign and return quiz

6th Religion: sign and return quiz

6th Vocab: test on Wednesday

6th Math: pg 42; study for quiz tomorrow


9/18 — Back to School Night

6th Spelling – study for quiz tomorrow

6th Religion –  study for quiz tomorrow – use study guides

8th Math – STUDY!!!

6th & 7th Math – review module 2


9/17/2014  *** Reminder: Back To School Night is tomorrow night***

6th math: pg. 39 #3-10; Buzzmath assignment

8th math: finish page 27; quiz on Friday

6th spelling: pgs. 17-18

7th math: worksheet; quiz signed; Extra practice (optional) due tomorrow

Religion: study for quiz on Friday


9/15/2014 – Happy Birthday, Maria!!!


6th Spelling – write each word 3x each; complete pgs. 15, 16 – due Wednesday

6th Religion – finish worksheet

7th Math: pg. 34

6th Math: buzzmath set up


9/12/14 – TGIF :)

*********THE iPADS HAVE ARRIVED!!!!!! Students were given iPads to take home today (in boxes). Also, please remember to complete, sign  and return the conduct sheet for iPad use by Monday, 9/15.******************

image image image

Picture forms were also sent home today. Picture Day is October 8th.

6th Grade ELA:

  • Students presented the oral summaries of summer reading to the class – job well done by all!  The summaries were clear and concise. We practiced skills in public speaking such as speaking slowly and clearly, and making good eye contact with the audience. The class noticed great improvements in their skills from last year!
  • Summer Vacation Essay – Instructions/Graphic Organizer/Self and Peer Edit/Grading rubric were given to write an in-class essay about your summer vacation. Completed essays are due on Monday, 9/15. Students will be invited to share.
  • Spelling – we will begin our first Spelling Unit next week.

6th Grade Math – Miss Sweeney:  Module 1 is complete. Quiz on Monday – 9/15!

6th Grade Religion:  Chapter 1 was introduced. Letters to families were sent home and we have begun our discussions of the Old Testament.


8th Grade Math: We continue to work through Module 1. Here is a link to the powerpoint from class today – 9/12–> Real Number System

7th Grade Math: Lesson 1.1  – 1.3 is complete. We will finish 1.4 on Monday during our block period. Buzzmath has also been set up for the class.


Class Schedule:    6th Grade Schedule