Grade 6

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Welcome to Sixth Grade!

Confirmation took place on December 10, 2017. 



First Day of School

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Anyone who would like to see what we are all about at GSC is welcome!  Schedule a tour with Mrs. Amanda Wilkes.

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Important Dates

  • January 29- Catholic Schools Week Begins
  • January 30-Liturgy for First Responders and Volunteers 9 AM
  • January 31-Grandparents Day
  • February 1- Book Fair/ Teacher Appreciation
  • February 2- Book Fair/Student Appreciation
  • February 3-Dance-A-Thon
  • February 10-Progress Reports available on MSP
  • February 20- Presidents’ Day No School
  • February 24- Pizza Day
  • March 1- Pizza Money Due



Helpful Websites

Religion:Christ Our Life

ELA: Vocabulary Workshop, Vocab Practice,  VoyagesixlELA Activitites

Math: Go Mathixl,Math Games



 Reading Olympics Website



Craft Day


In Math, the sixth graders reviewed Multiplying and Dividing Integers with a game of Connect Four.

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All of the classes love to review for tests and quizzes with Kahoot. They compete against their classmates with their iPads or Chromebooks to answer the questions.

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In the first Math class, the students worked in groups to find the numbers 1-100 on a sheet of paper. They saw that they worked best in groups when they came up with a plan and helped each other.

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