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Grade 7

Ms. Bastian (gbastian@gscregional.org)


Welcome  to Grade Seven!!

Jesus, remember me when You come into Your Kingdom

As we enter into the holiest week of the Church, let us remember all of the sacrifices which were made for us by the Lord Jesus.  Each of us is fortunate and blessed for the friends and family we have around us each day.  Please be assured that you will all be in my prayers during this week .  I wish all of your families a wonderful Easter and thank you for all you do for our class. Enjoy your days off with family and friends.

Also please remember the Hagarty family as they gather together during this holy season. May their hearts feel the presence of Mrs. Hagarty who will continue to be with them in spirit always.

Here are a few dates to remember for this week:.

Art class will be in the afternoon and Mrs. O’Hagan has asked that all classes bring their portfolios to class in order to store projects completed thus far. Although this request is over three weeks old , some of the class members have still not returned their portfolios. Could you kindly remind them to do so. Thanks.

April 14 – Art class (portfolios)

April 15 -  Latin class; Chick-Fil-A night at the mall

April 16 -  Library; class trip permission slips and deposit money is due today ($10); Living Stations 1PM in church – please join us in walking the Way of the Cross with Jesus

April 17 – Holy Thursday – school holiday

April 18 – Good Friday – school holiday

April 21 – Easter Monday – school holiday

April 22 – classes resume 

Remember to spend some time with the Lord this weekend. He loves to welcome you to His home! Time to reflect on how well we have kept our Lenten promises to the Lord. If we have not done as well as we had hoped, it is time to rededicate ourselves to trying again!


Breakfast Bags

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Craft Day

DSCN0832   DSCN0833   DSCN0838   DSCN0877   DSCN0876   DSCN0875 DSCN0874

Seventh Grade Mass 

DSCN0751   DSCN0752   DSCN0757   DSCN0758   DSCN0753   DSCN0759

Several of the grade seven ‘Lovely Ladies’. 




Some of the Grade 7 early birds on the first day of school – All in their places with bright, shiny faces!
















 http://quizlet.com/ — great for flashcards

 http://mrnussbaum.com – lots of a variety of subject levels and areas



 http://www.loyolapress.com/games- for- christ-our-life-grade-7.htm


 http://www.freerice.com –general vocabulary  reviews