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Welcome to the GSC 7th Grade web page

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June 7 – Religion and Math

June 8th – Social Studies and ELA

June 9th – Science

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 Each day in the month of May, we will crown Mary as a school and pray a decade of the rosary for peace in our world.

Dates to remember:


5/5 – School Liturgy

5/6 – First Holy Communion

5/7 – Good Shepherd Sunday, Coffee and Doughnuts after the 9:30 and 11 am Mass

5/11 – Barnes and Noble Night

5/15 – Chick-Fil-A night

5/17 – May Procession

5/19 – Pizza Day

5/21 – Monther/Son Breakfast

5/23 – Golf Outing

5/24 – Home and School Avenue of the Arts

5/25 – Ascension Thursday, Holyday, No school

5/26 – No school

5/29 – Memorial Day, No school

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STEM Learning

The 6th graders designed and built earthquake proof structures.  Here are the “Before and After” shots.


































Photo Gallery


























The Eighth Grade created games to reinforce what they have learned about waves.






















Science Explorers – Kitchen Chemistry

The science explorers learned about solids and liquids.  We learned that milk is a colloid.

First, we made butter using heavy cream.  YUM!! Then, we separated the curds from the whey in milk using vinegar.  Finally, we made milk fireworks using food coloring and dish soap.

















The 6th grade modeled plate boundaries using frosting, fruit roll ups, and graham crackers.




















Anyone who would like to see what we are all about at GSC is welcome!  Schedule a tour with Mrs. Amanda Wilkes.

Email or call Mrs. Wilkes at

Links for students entering 7th grade:


Stationery List entering 7 17-18

Summer Reading List of Books

Summer Reading Assignment HP


Do you want to get your scientific minds working…

Check out this link.  STEM Guide for Kids.  It lists over 200 STEM-related websites.



Myrtle is back in the classroom.  She has grown significantly this summer.


2014-10-21 14.21.38

Relaxing on her rock 2014

2014-10-21 09.26.08

Myrtle is striking a pose for the camera. 2014


















Myrtle 2015

Myrtle 2015

Myrtle 2015

Myrtle 2015
























Below you will find helpful links for the school year.


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