God, Scholarship, Community, and Service.

Grade 8

Mrs. Blackwell (pblackwell@gscregional.org)






God * Scholarship * Community * Service


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Welcome Good Shepherd Catholic Regional Class of 2015!

This year students in Grades 6, 7, and 8 will follow a modified Block Schedule for Math, Science and Social Studies.  One day each week students will have a double class period in each subject.  Tests will be scheduled for that day.  Students in Grade 8 will have the following schedule:

Monday–Science                    Tuesday–Social Studies                    Friday–Math

Special Classes:

Monday–Computer      Tuesday–Library, Art      Wednesday–Gym      Thursday–Music


PB & J

Please help us collect Peanut Butter and Jelly for the food pantries in the Archdiocese!


Universal High School–Thursday, November 13, 2014–Visit Archdiocesan High Schools



Congratulations to the newly elected Student Council Officers:

          President                                Maura McDonald

          Vice President                      Ann Abraham

          Secretary                                David Gray

          School Representative      Patricia Templeton

          8th Grade Rep                      Melissa Olimpo














8th Grade Photo Gallery

Opening school Mass, Sept. 12, 2014–The eighth grade took their first grade buddies to Mass where we welcomed Fr. Nordeman to GSC.

DSCN1887   DSCN1871   DSCN1862

DSCN1863   DSC_0517   DSC_0516

DSC_0514   DSC_0511   DSC_0508

DSCN1882   DSC_0518


Leadership Retreat

Group Planning

DSC_0407   DSC_0410  DSC_0409   DSC_0408

Activity–Working Together

DSC_0413   DSC_0412   DSC_0411  DSC_0414   DSC_0414   DSC_0415   DSC_0417   DSC_0419   DSC_0424 DSC_0426   DSC_0427   DSC_0428

First Day of School Pictures

DSC_0356   DSC_0369   DSC_0377   DSC_0378   DSC_0379   DSC_0381