God, Scholarship, Community, and Service.

Grade 8

Mrs. Blackwell (pblackwell@gscregional.org)





God  *  Scholarship  *  Community  *  Service


Easter                           Spring                 

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Congratulations to the GSC Class of 2014!  Good luck in high school!


Have a safe and happy summer!










Congratulations to our Patriot’s Pen Essay Contest Winners!

DSCN1202   1st Place:  Sarah Patchak

DSCN1201   2nd Place:  Joseph Rossi

DSCN1200  3rd Place:  Nicholas McClay




Summer Reading Assignment and Stationery List

Stationery List 2014-2015

Summer Reading 2014




8th Grade Photo Gallery

New York

class at rock   img003   img004

Car Wash

DSCN1643   DSCN1644   DSCN1658   DSCN1659   DSCN9410  DSCN9412  DSCN9424  DSCN9420  DSCN9409  DSCN9408  DSCN9403  DSCN9405


DSC_0451  DSC_0450   DSC_0449  DSC_0448

May Procession


Cradles to Crayons Service

DSC_0352  DSC_0353  DSC_0354  DSC_0355 DSC_0357  DSC_0356  DSC_0361  DSC_0367

DSC_0360 DSC_0359

Graduation Preview


Patriot’s Pen Essay Winners


CSW Mass

DSC_0282   DSC_0283   DSC_0284   DSC_0288   DSC_0304   DSC_0299   DSC_0300   DSC_0292

DSCN1095   DSCN1096   DSCN1094   DSCN1093   DSC_0289

GSC Snow Bunnies

2013-12-18 09.04.44   2013-12-18 09.04.57   2013-12-18 09.05.02   2013-12-18 09.05.10   2013-12-18 09.05.49   2013-12-18 09.05.56   2013-12-18 09.06.08   2013-12-18 09.06.30   2013-12-18 09.06.47  2013-12-18 09.06.54  2013-12-18 09.07.16   2013-12-18 09.07.20   2013-12-18 09.10.10

Christmas Pageant

DSCN0801   DSCN0793    DSC_0454     DSC_0093  DSC_0478

DSC_0461  DSC_0465   DSCN0805   DSC_0497   DSCN0793   DSCN0790   DSC_0503



Bishop Thomas visits the 8th grade


First in Math Winners!

DSCN0527    DSCN0531

Pillows for Pets with first grade buddies

DSCN0480  DSCN0478

Puppet Socks puppet shows with buddies

DSCN0354 DSCN0355  DSCN0357  DSCN0359 DSCN0360 DSCN0361 DSCN0362 DSCN0363 DSCN0364  DSCN0365DSCN0366DSCN0356 DSCN0358

Opening Liturgy 2013-2014 and Installation of Student Council

DSC_0355   DSC_0359   DSC_0360   DSC_0361

DSC_0378   DSC_0381


Dinner for 8th grade students and parents hosted by the 7th grade students and parents

DSC_0201  DSC_0203 DSC_0204  DSC_0214