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Mrs. McDonald (emcdonald@gscregional.org)
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       As we begin the third trimester, the students are continuing to work hard on their math skills.




Grade 4

Students in grade 4 are excited to be working on the fractions unit.  They students have learned about equivalent fractions, adding fractions, subtracting fractions, and multiplying fractions. Soon the students will be exploring the relationship between fractions and decimals.


Grade 5

The fifth graders have completed the unit on fractions and are beginning a unit on measurement and data.  The students will be exploring both the customary and the metric systems of measurement. 


Grade 6

The students in grade 6 recently completed the unit on equations and inequalities in one variable.  Currently, the students are working with relationships involving two variables.


Grade 7

The seventh grade recently completed a unit about data and representing data in various forms.  The students created a statistical question and collected data using a random survey of classmates.  Currently, the students in grade 7 are exploring theoretical and experimental probability.


Grade 8

The students in grade 8 have learned about the rules of exponents for integer exponents.  Currently the students are working on exponential functions.  Soon, the students will be exploring polynomials.





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Honors Math Program Criteria


Students in Grade 5 may qualify for the Honors Math Program. The requirements are as follows:

1.      CSI 125 or above

2.       Terra Nova Math Score 90% or higher

3.       Terra Nova Reading Comprehension Score 80% or higher

4.       Above average performance in Math throughout Grade 4

5.       Teacher recommendation

Please Note:  Admission to the Honors Math Program does not guarantee continuation in the program.  Students will be evaluated each year to determine eligibility for the Honors Math Program.