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Grade 4

Students have been learning about our base-ten number system.  They have demonstrated  competency in adding and subtracting whole numbers to the hundred thousands.  Currently, the students are learning how to multiply multi-digit numbers.  Soon the students will be learning about division of whole numbers.

Grade 5

The fifth grade has been delving deeper into the study of our base ten number system, including using exponential form to show place value.  Additionally, the students have continued their exploration of division by learning how to divide with a 2-digit divisor.  Soon the students will be working on decimal operations.


Grade 6

Students in grade 6 have been learning about rational numbers, including integers.  The have mastered all four operations with integers and are now working on the four operations with fractions and mixed numbers.  Soon the students will be learning about operations with decimals.


Grade 7

Grade 7 has learned about computing with positive and negative rational numbers.  Additionally, the students have studied proportional relationships and percents.  Soon the students will be writing algebraic expressions and solving equations and inequalities.


Grade 8

The students in grade 8 have learned about precision and significant digits.  In addition, the students have expanded their knowledge of the real number system by exploring numbers raised to rational exponential powers.  Currently, the students are exploring equations and inequalities in one variable.  Soon, the students will begin to work with functions and equations in two variables.



Honors Math Program Criteria


Students in Grade 5 may qualify for the Honors Math Program. The requirements are as follows:

1.      CSI 125 or above

2.       Terra Nova Math Score 90% or higher

3.       Terra Nova Reading Comprehension Score 80% or higher

4.       Above average performance in Math throughout Grade 4

5.       Teacher recommendation

Please Note:  Admission to the Honors Math Program does not guarantee continuation in the program.  Students will be evaluated each year to determine eligibility for the Honors Math Program.