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Honors Math

Mrs. McDonald (emcdonald@gscregional.org)
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Grade 4

Students in grade 4 are excited to working on the fractions unit.  They students are learning about equivalent fractions.  Soon the students will be adding and subtracting fractions.


Grade 5

The fifth graders are learning to compute with fractions and mixed numbers.  Having already mastered addition and subtraction, the students are learning how to multiply and divide fractions, mixed numbers, and whole numbers.


Grade 6

The students in grade 6 are learning about algebraic expressions.  They are writing, evaluating, and simplifying algebraic expressions.  Soon the students will be solving equations.


Grade 7

The seventh grade is learning about area, surface area, and volume.  They are creating a 3-D object and will determine its surface area and volume.


Grade 8

The students in grade are solving systems of linear equations by graphing, substitution, and by elimination.  Soon the students will solve linear inequalities and systems of linear inequalities.





Algebra students click here for practice quizzes and tests.


Check out the First in Math website by clicking here.


Play Buzz Math on a computer by clicking here.


Honors Math Program Criteria


Students in Grade 5 may qualify for the Honors Math Program. The requirements are as follows:

1.      CSI 125 or above

2.       Terra Nova Math Score 90% or higher

3.       Terra Nova Reading Comprehension Score 80% or higher

4.       Above average performance in Math throughout Grade 4

5.       Teacher recommendation

Please Note:  Admission to the Honors Math Program does not guarantee continuation in the program.  Students will be evaluated each year to determine eligibility for the Honors Math Program.