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Mrs. McDonald (emcdonald@gscregional.org)
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Thank you for entrusting your child to GSC.  It is my pleasure to work with you to help them develop their talents to their fullest potential.  I am looking forward to a fun and challenging  year of learning math!


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We are preparing our students for a faith-filled life of learning, leadership, and love for others.









Grade 4

We will be begin our year by continuing to develop our number sense.  We investigate our base 10 number system and will strengthen our understanding of computations with whole numbers.

The students have a user name and password that allows them to access the online versions of the textbook and practice book as well as additional material.  To visit the login, please click on the link to the site: think central

Grade 5

We are beginning our unit on decimals.  We will learn to read, write, and compare decimals.

Grade 6

Students are continuing to explore numbers.  They have learned about integers and how to compute with them.  Now students are investigating factors and multiples in preparation for their work with rational numbers.

Grade 7

The seventh grade is investigating proportional relationships.  The students are determining if two quantities have a proportional relationship by looking at tables, graphs, and equations.

Grade 8

Students are solving many equations.  They are finding the solution….The value for the variable that makes the statement TRUE!    There are online lesson quizzes and reviews for each section of the Algebra text book.  Click on the link to visit these pages.  Prentice Hall Algebra 1


Students in grades 6-8 will have iPads.  Please download the following free apps:

  1. Buzzmath
  2. Desmos graphing calculator
  3. Edmodo
  4. Whiteboard-Nothing more Nothing less


Honors Math Program Criteria


Students in Grade 5 may qualify for the Honors Math Program. The requirements are as follows:

1.      CSI 125 or above

2.       Terra Nova Math Score 90% or higher

3.       Terra Nova Reading Comprehension Score 80% or higher

4.       Above average performance in Math throughout Grade 4

5.       Teacher recommendation

Please Note:  Admission to the Honors Math Program does not guarantee continuation in the program.  Students will be evaluated each year to determine eligibility for the Honors Math Program.