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Physical Education

Mrs. Brunhofer (abrunhofer@gscregional.org)

Hello Parents! Here is an update for gym:

Pre K -3 and Pre K -4: “The Driving Game”  after warming up with some songs with movement from our Fitness CD

Kindergarten: Fitness CD songs, The Driving Game and Simon Says

1st Grade: Fitness CD and The Driving Game

2nd Grade: The Driving Game and Kickball

3rd Grade: Fitness CD, The Driving Game and Kickball

4th, 5th and 6th Grades: Shark Island

7th Grade: Shark Island and Kickball

8th Grade: Capture the Flag!

We also started our Recess Walking Club. Every Wednesday during morning recess we walk around the school yard, and after 10 walks the students who participated get to pick a prize.  It keeps us moving and will help to keep us warm when the weather starts to get colder!