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Physical Education

Mrs. Brunhofer (abrunhofer@gscregional.org)

Hello Parents! Here is an update for gym:

3, 4 and 5 year olds:

Bowling, new songs with movements, musical chairs, hoola hoop freeze dance, throwing and catching, musical hoola hoops, bean bag cd, relay with noodle, keep the balls in the circle, bean bag bucket toss, make it take it

1st, 2nd and 3rd grades:

Newcomb, new songs with movements, musical chairs, beanbag toss, freeze dance, bowling, kickball, relay with noodle, make it take it, shark island, bean bag fitness cd, duck duck goose, football throw, basketball, kickball, baby in the air, tennis baseball

4th thru 8th:

Beanbag toss, basketball, newcomb, shark island, kickball, mattball, hockey, wiffle ball, knockout, soccer, make it take it, indoor soccer, bowling, tennis baseball, forward football throw, flag football, ultimate frisbee,castle, pickle

Stay healthy and well!    Mrs. B