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Welcome to the third full week of school. Last week we painted Fall leaves, went on a leaf hunt, created our own masterpiece by leaf rubbing, celebrated “We Are Special” and Johnny Appleseed Day, made alligators, and practiced the Letter A and Number 1.  This week we will be celebrating Fire Prevention Week, the Letter B, Number 2, Color Yellow, and Triangle.  We will start our journals and Secret Object.  Welcome October!  Welcome Fall!


*Thank you for coming to Back to School Night!  It was nice to see everyone!

*I will be sending home the children’s journal in their red folder.  Please return the journal in on Friday.  Please complete Letter A and draw 2 pictures that begin with the Letter A.  ( Some of girls will get their journals tomorrow )

*Secret Object will begin this week.  I am sending a bag home that is labeled with both their name and the title Secret Object on it today in your child’s red folder.  Every Wednesday we will play Secret Object at Circle Time.  The children will bring some item from home that begins with that week’s letter.  This week’s letter is B (e.g. ball, bell, bag).  They will give 3 clues to their friends and see if anyone can guess what their object is in the bag.  We practiced today.  Even Mrs. Myers will bring an item into school.*”

*“Look It’s Me “ will also begin this week.  Each week a child in Pre-K  will have a chance to bring in pictures of themselves to put upon the bulletin board.  The pictures can be photographs or pictures on a DVD.  The children can bring in Awards/Trophies/Medals they have won.  Please send them in on Monday of their week and they will be returned to the student on Friday to take home.  Corinne Brett will start this week.  I can’t wait to see Corinne’s pictures!

*Please remember to label all envelopes with your child’s name and identify what is in the envelope.





*A Communication Envelope will be sent home every Tuesday with the oldest child in the school. Please return it the next day your child is in school.

*If this is your first year at GSC, please send in a one prong headset for computer class.

*This weekly update will be posted on the school website:  Click on classroom and scroll down to Pre-K4 .  Also, there will be a monthly newsletter sent home in the child’s folder informing the parents of the highlights the children worked on during the month.

*Donations of tissues, paper towels, clorox wipes, and baby wipes are welcomed!


THEME: Fall/Halloween

RELIGION: Jesus loves me. Jesse blesses the children.

MATH: Shapes in our world. Number 2.

ELA: Letter B/Night Shift Daddy

*Dates t0 Remember:

    October 9th – Picture Day

    October 12th – Professional Development Day/No School

     October 16th – GSC presents “Shrek”

Have a spectacular week!

Look at our end of school year celebration video!

Mrs. Myers and Mrs. White