God, Scholarship, Community, and Service.


Mrs. Barbara Gress (advancement@gscregional.org)

Contact Barbara Gress at:
Phone 215-886-0126

Good Shepherd Catholic School – From the Advancement Office

Call for Mission Reaffirmation Committee Volunteers

Good Shepherd Catholic School respectfully submits a call for committee volunteers. If you are interested in joining the Mission Reaffirmation Committee, please kindly call or email Barbara A. Gress, Advancement Director, at 215-886-0126 / advancement@gscregional.org.


This committee will work in direct support of Good Shepherd Catholic School to reaffirm its living Mission of “God, Scholarship, Community, Service” with a keen focus on the “uniqueness” of Good Shepherd and the many spiritual and academic offerings provided.


The Committee will implement an integrated and holistic approach in reaffirming the school’s Mission so that we may provide and communicate a clear understanding and promote a formal recognition of the same within our local and extended communities.


Committee volunteering is a wonderful way for our parents, parishioners, alumni, and friends to work together with our Pastor and Principal to encourage and provide opportunities for school growth and future sustainability.