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Sister Helen Thomas, IHM, Principal


Mrs. Franzone, Preschool – 3 Year Old

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Mrs. Franzone’s Bio »
Mrs. Cochrane’s Bio (Preschool Teachers’s Assistant) »

Mrs. B. Myers, Prekindergarten – 4 Year Old

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Ms. M. MacClain, Kindergarten

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Ms. G. Larson, Grade 1

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Ms.  Jazdzewski, Grade 2

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Sister Patricia McKee, IHM, Grade 3

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Mrs. Coughlin, Grade 4

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Mrs. Coleen Taylor, Grade 5

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Mrs.  Elizabeth Glenn, Grade 6

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Ms. Stapf’s Bio »

Mrs. Clewell, Grade 7

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Mrs. Blackwell, Grade 8

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Mrs. Mullen, Computer Lab

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Mrs. McDonald, Honors Math

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Mrs. Henkels, Physical Education

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Mr. Mark Urmson, Music and Art

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Mrs. Linda Torres

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Mrs. Griffith, Library

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Administrative Assistant
Sister Maryanne Winterberg, IHM

Advancement Director


Mrs. Marilyn Shapiro – GSC Business Manager

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