CARES Form and Fees for 2016 – 2017

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Please review the “new” CARES Form and Fees


Tuition and Fee Policy

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Please take a look at the GSC Tuition and Fees Policy

Tuition and Fee Policy


GSC welcomes Mrs. Amanda Wilkes our Advancement Director

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School Calendar 2016 – 2017

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Attached is the tentative GSC School Calendar for 2016 – 2017.

Calendar2016-2017 May2016

Good Shepherd Home and School 2016 -2017 Board Members

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Welcome to the new H & S Board Members

Vice President – Jen Mahoney

Secretary – Melinda Borrell

Hospitality – Tamira Dougherty

Property – Jeff Pfeiffer

Many thanks to the outgoing Board members: Joe Falcone (President), Sarah Falcone (Treasurer), Kathy Haney (Hospitality) and R.J. Lamb (Property). Your dedication and service to GSC has been invaluable!

Current Board member who will serve the second year of their two-year term in 2016 -2017 are: Jessica Hess (President), Sue Carlson (Treasurer), Carol Capriotti (Membership), and Kate Sciscio (Publicity).


Congratulations to GSC Kindergarten teacher Maureen Ludwig

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Congratulations to Maureen Ludwig


We, at GSC, are proud to proclaim that Maureen has been recognized and names as “Pennsylvania’s Early Education Teacher of the Year in Private Education for 2016.”

PA CPE (Pennsylvania Council for American Private Education) membership recognizes the value of effective teaching that promotes proficiency in student learning, and works to establish a positive school culture.

Maureen will be recognized at a ceremony in Harrisburg at the State Capitol on May 4, 2016

We are so proud of you, Maureen

Letter from our Principal and 2016 -2017 Tuition Schedule

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Letter from Sister Patricia Healey, IHM

Letter from our Principal, Sister Patricia Healey, IHM (1)

Tuition Schedule for 2016 – 2017

GSC Tuition for the 2016 – 2017 SY

The Martin J. Reddington Scholarship Fund recipients for 2016

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The Martin J. Reddington Scholarship Fund lauds academic merit at GSC

Winners of the Martin J. Reddington Scholarship fund are:

Grade 6: Anna Dougherty

Grade 7: Samantha Carlson


From the Advancement Office – Good Shepherd Catholic School

Great expectations net great success, one parent’s golden rule: Read a Chapter Ahead

Mr. Martin J. Reddington (1938 – 2015), known by many members of our community as “Marty” has been described as a very loving husband, a successful businessman, a loyal friend, a steward of the community, a devotee of good health and fitness, and a patron of the Catholic Church.

Most recently Marty was described to us here at Good Shepherd Catholic School by his devoted wife of 54 years, Eileen, as a wonderful father who placed great value in Catholic education having instilled in their six children, all of whom attended our legacy school Queen of Peace, the extended value of “reading a chapter ahead”. Eileen lovingly shared with us that her husband’s response to their children when they told him that their homework was done was to say “Wonderful, now read a chapter ahead.” Marty instilled in their children the importance of being prepared and working hard- – -er.

Eileen Reddington, her children and extended family, as well as their dearest friends are sharing in the legacy of Marty’s golden rule; they have generously established a scholarship in Marty’s name “The Martin J. Reddington Scholarship Fund”. This wonderful fund will support academic merit scholarships for GSC students whose families are in need of a bit of help to support their child’s tuition. Mrs. Reddington is committed to the memory of husband and is honoring his name by ensuring that the message of his golden rule, to read a chapter ahead, is shared with our students now and in the future.

For the Reddington family, much like all of our GSC families, having great expectations and preparing for success is a family practice. This practice also conforms to our mission at Good Shepherd Catholic School; our dedicated faculty and families work together to develop our students’ God-given talents and academic promise. We are preparing our students for a faith-filled life of learning, leadership, and love for others.

Sincere appreciation is extended to the following individuals who are recognized as founding contributors of “The Martin J. Reddington Scholarship Fund”. Thank you very much for honoring Good Shepherd Catholic School with your faith, commitment and support in memory of your loving husband, dearest friend, and family member.

Mrs. Eileen Reddington
Mrs. Judith Dougherty
Mrs. Marie Dougherty
Mr. Matthew & Mrs. Eileen Mongeon
Mrs. Mary Patricia McLees
Mr. Daniel & Mrs. Carol Opdyke
Mrs. Joan Petriccione

Barbara A. Gress
Advancement Director

Giant A+ School Rewards

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Thank you so much for your participation in the GIANT A+ School Rewards Program.

GSC has received a check for over $1300.00 for participating!

Current supporters DO NOT need to re-register their BONUSCARD

New supporters DO need to register GSC to their BONUSCARD

Important Date:

September 10, 2015: online registration for new parents/supporters begins