How to obtain clearance forms

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Directions and link for obtaining clearance forms.


SHREK, JR. Coming soon to GSC

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When: Friday, Oct. 16 – 7:00 PM

Sunday, October 18 – 1:00 and 5:00 PM

Tickets available in advance (until Sunday, October 11th)

$5.00 each or $10.00 for 3

$7.00 at the door

Lunch Program – application for free/reduced hot lunch program

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The September breakfast and lunch menus are now uploaded to the Lunch Program page.

There are also two informational word documents regarding general breakfast/lunch information  and envelope completion.

Thank you.


Application for Free/reduced hot lunch program

We celebrate our GSC students and recognize their unique talents, especially our sixth-grade student Tessa S.!

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We celebrate our GSC students and recognize their unique talents, especially our sixth-grade student Tessa S.!

From the Advancement Office – Good Shepherd Catholic School

Tessa-SWe celebrate our GSC students . . .

GSC students are bright, kind, articulate, loving, imaginative, and very unique!

For us, the uniqueness of our students’ interests is a true reflection of our mission, “Our faculty and families work together to identify and develop each student’s God-given talents.”

For our sixth-grade student, Tessa S., her uniqueness is centered in her love of horses and her desire to excel in equestrian athletics.

Tessa is a member of the United States Equestrian Federation’s youth sports program which is sanctioned by the United States Olympic Committee. Having recently participated in several equestrian competitions as well as completing all program requirements for varsity youth lettering in her equestrian discipline, the Hunt Seat Discipline which includes walk, trot, canter and jumping, Tessa has successfully “lettered” in her sport. Tessa has received her program certificate, a pin that she may proudly wear in future competitions, and her varsity letterman patch.

Equestrian athletes dedicate a tremendous amount of time in training and preparing for competition as well as for caring for their horses. For a young person, especially a sixth-grader, this is no easy feat. Equestrian athletics requires a strong individual commitment and involves rigorous practice as well as routine care and attention for the well-being of your partner; your pony. Tessa is directly responsible for the care and well-being of the pony she rides and spends a great deal of her time each week not only practicing but also exercising and taking care of her partner pony.

We know that Tessa’s love for horses and her devoted attention to their care will always be her top priority. We also know that Tessa’s goal is to continue to grow in her sport, competing and succeeding at greater and greater levels along the way. We look forward to continuing to hear wonderful things about Tessa in the world of equestrian sports; one day we might even be able to share the great news about Tessa competing in the Olympics. We know that her God-given talents can make this happen. . .

Tessa is an exceptional GSC student. Her uniqueness is what makes our school special. We are committed to our students and to their parents. We share in their life experiences and we laud their accomplishments. Please join us in doing the same. . .

Congratulations Tessa!

The Martin J. Reddington Scholarship Fund lauds academic merit at GSC

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The Martin J. Reddington Scholarship Fund lauds academic merit at GSC

From the Advancement Office – Good Shepherd Catholic School

Great expectations net great success, one parent’s golden rule: Read a Chapter Ahead

Mr. Martin J. Reddington (1938 – 2015), known by many members of our community as “Marty” has been described as a very loving husband, a successful businessman, a loyal friend, a steward of the community, a devotee of good health and fitness, and a patron of the Catholic Church.

Most recently Marty was described to us here at Good Shepherd Catholic School by his devoted wife of 54 years, Eileen, as a wonderful father who placed great value in Catholic education having instilled in their six children, all of whom attended our legacy school Queen of Peace, the extended value of “reading a chapter ahead”. Eileen lovingly shared with us that her husband’s response to their children when they told him that their homework was done was to say “Wonderful, now read a chapter ahead.” Marty instilled in their children the importance of being prepared and working hard- – -er.

Eileen Reddington, her children and extended family, as well as their dearest friends are sharing in the legacy of Marty’s golden rule; they have generously established a scholarship in Marty’s name “The Martin J. Reddington Scholarship Fund”. This wonderful fund will support academic merit scholarships for GSC students whose families are in need of a bit of help to support their child’s tuition. Mrs. Reddington is committed to the memory of husband and is honoring his name by ensuring that the message of his golden rule, to read a chapter ahead, is shared with our students now and in the future.

For the Reddington family, much like all of our GSC families, having great expectations and preparing for success is a family practice. This practice also conforms to our mission at Good Shepherd Catholic School; our dedicated faculty and families work together to develop our students’ God-given talents and academic promise. We are preparing our students for a faith-filled life of learning, leadership, and love for others.

Sincere appreciation is extended to the following individuals who are recognized as founding contributors of “The Martin J. Reddington Scholarship Fund”. Thank you very much for honoring Good Shepherd Catholic School with your faith, commitment and support in memory of your loving husband, dearest friend, and family member.

Mrs. Eileen Reddington
Mrs. Judith Dougherty
Mrs. Marie Dougherty
Mr. Matthew & Mrs. Eileen Mongeon
Mrs. Mary Patricia McLees
Mr. Daniel & Mrs. Carol Opdyke
Mrs. Joan Petriccione

Barbara A. Gress
Advancement Director

Giant A+ School Rewards

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Thank you so much for your participation in the GIANT A+ School Rewards Program.

GSC has received a check for over $1300.00 for participating!

Current supporters DO NOT need to re-register their BONUSCARD

New supporters DO need to register GSC to their BONUSCARD

Important Date:

September 10, 2015: online registration for new parents/supporters begins


Why I love GSC video….

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