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A hot lunch program is available to all students at Good Shepherd Catholic  School through the Nutritional Development Services office of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.  This program, funded through the Pennsylvania Department of Education, provides students with a quality lunchtime meal that provides one-third of the nutrients they need each day.

Application forms, monthly menus and order forms will be sent home via the “Communication Envelope.”  Mrs. Kitty Ratner is the Lunch Program Coordinator.




Lunch Monitor Guidelines

A person who volunteers can be defined as an extra pair of hands, an extra measure of personal warmth, enrichment and a bridge between the school and community.  The greater involvement of parents in school activities can create an increased interest and enthusiasm for Catholic education.

However, volunteerism is a two-way street.  The time, abilities, skills and human caring which are given by volunteers to all those involved in the school program can be invaluable.  The volunteers are also rewarded by warm relationships with children, teachers, and other parents, and by satisfaction of seeing a child develop.

Lunch Monitors are special volunteers that assist children as they eat their lunch and monitor time spent at play.

All lunch parents must have a “Child Abuse History Clearance”, a “Criminal Records Check”, Finger Printing  and “Protecting God’s Children for Adult Training” on file.


  • Lunch Monitors for Pre- K and Kindergarten should arrive at 11:10 AM
  • Lunch Monitors for First through Eighth Grade should arrive at 11:45 AM
  • Sign-in when you arrive for duty.
  • In the event you are unable to attend on your assigned day, you are responsible for getting a substitute.  Should you not be able to get a substitute, please contact the school office at 215-886-4782.
  • Your shift concludes at 12:30 PM, or when all students have been returned to their teachers.


Lunch Cycle:

  • Mrs. Muszynski will be the main monitor in the cafeteria for the first lunch period.
  • The Principal will be the main monitor in the cafeteria for the second lunch period.
  • Help younger children with opening lunches and drinks.

First Lunch – Pre-K &K:          Children arrive at 11:30 AM in cafeteria.
When all have finished eating, lunch monitors take the children back to the classroom for activity time, which ends at 12:10 PM

First Lunch – Grades 1 through 3     11:50 – 12:10

  • Approximately three/four minutes prior to the bell ringing, students will be directed to throw trash away, return lunch bins and trays,  push chairs in and line up.
  • When the bell rings, lunch monitors will lead the children to the schoolyard.

Second Lunch – Grades 4 through 8   12:10  – 12:30

  • Students at recess will line up and be escorted inside the main doors to the cafeteria.
  • Grade 8 may enter the lunch room independently.

Cafeteria Regulations:

  • Students must remain seated at all times.
  • Students are responsible for clearing tables at announced time.
  • Tables and floors are to be left clean with chairs pushed into table.
  • Students must ask permission to leave the cafeteria.  No more the two children may leave at a time.
  • Lunch Monitors need to circulate among the students
  • In dealing with inappropriate behavior, stay calm and state facts to a faculty member.

Discipline Procedure:

  • Verbal warning
  • Sit (3 -5 minutes)
  • Report to teacher who will write a comment on the behavior calendar
  • Report to Principal


  • Students should not return to the building unless it is unavoidable and only with a monitor’s permission.
  • Organized games are encouraged.  If they become too rough – stop game immediately.
  • Students should stay off steps.
  • Students play on black top –

Grade 1 – play on the side playground near the “Convent.”

Grades 2 and 3 – play in the main section in front of the school.

Grade 4 – play along the side near the convent

Grades 5-6 play in front of the primary doors.

Grades 7-8 play in front of the main entrance to school.

Students in Grades 7-8 may play on the grass if it is not muddy.

  • When the ground is muddy or damp, All Students Must Stay off Grass!
  • One faculty member will be assigned to yard duty.
  • There will be one monitor by the street, while other monitors spread out around the school yard.
  • If a ball goes in the street, it is retrieved by the Lunch Monitor.
  • All students must stay in view.  No one is permitted behind the building.
  • Lunch should be eaten in cafeteria.  Therefore no food should be eaten outside.


  • A monitor will be assigned a classroom, or walk the hall visiting classrooms.
  • All students should be in a seat.
  • Students will be assigned an activity from teachers.
  • Classrooms should be orderly and conversations should be “Inside Voices”.
  • Students will walk in a quiet line to and from cafeteria.


Teachers will take the small children to the play area after the main lunch period is over.